Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Passing Params from VB.Net to Stored Procedures


Now see how to pass values from VB.Net to SQL Server Stored Procedure and return results back! Download View Online

Calling a Stored Procedure from your VB.Net Program


Explains how to call a SQL Server stored procedure from VB.NET. Download View Online

What is a SQL Parameter? Check this out!


See how easy it is to create Parameters in SQL Server and then pass values to it using VB.Net. Download View Online

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Creating .Net Installer and Setup files


Download Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2 Watch Part 3 Watch Part 4

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Calling a Web User Control in your Program


View Online Download

Creating new DotNetNuke modules

Source: JumpStart TV

In this video, Brian shows you how to create modules for DotNetNuke. He covers the code to build your own module, which expands the power of the most widely used portal software on the web. View online

Joining Tables

Source: JumpStart TV

Part 1: In this video for beginners you'll begin to learn how to write queries that use more than one table using T-SQL. Kathi walks you through common tactics to efficiently pull out data from a normalized system. View online

Part 2: In this session, Kathi continues her popular series and shows some of the more advanced joining techniques in T-SQL. She shows T-SQL self, outer and cross joins and gives many examples on how to use them. View online

Writing simple SELECT statements

Source: JumpStart TV

Part 1: In this video, you'll learn how to write basic select statements. This beginner video takes you from the ground up writing T-SQL. View online

Part 2: In this second part video from Kathi, she covers how to write T-SQL in much more indepth. She covers how to handle NULLs and many more items in this video. View online

Part 3: In this video, Kathi continues her T-SQL series and exands how to use the WHERE clause. View online

Using Database DDL Triggers

Source: JumpStart TV

In this short demonstration, you'll learn how to use DDL database triggers to prevent changes to product and audit changes to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other change management requirements. View online

Designing .NET Class Libraries

This class presents best practices for designing frameworks that are reusable object-oriented libraries. The guidelines are applicable to frameworks ranging in size and in their scale of reuse from large system frameworks to small components shared among several applications. They started as a small set of naming and design conventions, but have been enhanced, scrutinized, and refined to a point where they are generally considered the canonical way to design frameworks at Microsoft. They carry the experience and cumulative wisdom of thousands of developer hours, over three versions of the .NET Framework.View online

Using Common Table Expressions

How and when to use this new feature of SQL Server 2005.

Source: Watch Online

Understanding and Implementing Default Constraints

Shows how to implement Default Constraints on columns.

Source: Watch Online

VB.NET 2005 Tutorial: IF

The Second Visual Basic .NET 2005 tutorial shows of one of the most essential functions in programming in general. The IF function.

Source: Connect Untouchable. Download

VB.NET 2005 Tutorial: Hello World

Source: Connect Untouchable

The first tutorial guides you through the making of your first simple application! Great for getting started! Download

Understanding Security and Network Connectivity in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Source: LearnVisualStudio.NET

Explore scenarios for connecting to SQL Server 2005 Express databases, enabling and disabling user instances, login permissions, and other security precautions. Download

How to call other applications using the Process control

Source: LearnVisualStudio.NET

This video shows how to use the Process control to automate running external applications like Notepad and Internet Explorer from within your code. Download

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