Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An introduction to Silverlight 2


Video list:

An Overview of Silverlight 2

Start Building a Silverlight Application

Controlling Layouts in Silverlight 2

Layout of the Digg Application

Understanding the Digg XML Feed

Download/Process the Digg XML Feed (Part 1)

Download/Process the Digg XML Feed (Part 2)

Download/Process the Digg XML Feed (Part 3)

Improving the Story Appearance

Final Story Layout Design

Adding the Details View Control

Debugging and IE Issues
IE Issue Work-Around


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ASP.NET Dynamic Data


Video list:

Setting up a Dynamic Data Web Site

Dynamic Data Conceptual Model

Customization #1
Editing, Data Model, Master Page

Customization #2
Adding Meta Data

Customization #3
Adding Meta Data (cont)

Customization #4
Adding Business Rules

Customization #5
Custom Pages

Customization #6
Field Templates and CSS

Dynamic Data Wizard #1
Building the Site

Dynamic Data Wizard #2
Exploring the Site

Miscellaneous Issues
Web Site versus Web Project Issues

Fix for Miscellaneous Issues
Web Project Issues Solution


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An introduction to the ASP.NET MVC Framework


Video list:

An Overview of the MVC Pattern

Setting up the MVC Preview Environment

URL Routing

Setting up New Pages

MVC Controller Actions

Creating HTML in Views

MVC - Putting it all together


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LINQ to SQL Videos


List of videos:


Creating the OR Mapping Classes

VB Mapping Classes

Query Set #1
Simple single-class (Table) queries

Query Set #2
Extension methods, navigating between classes, and query clause ordering

Query Set #3
Anonymous types and lambda expressions

Query Set #4
Master/Detail data binding


Complex Transaction


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Programming with XML Using Visual Basic 9.0


List of videos:

Application Introduction

Window Live Expo API

Getting Started with Code

Getting the RSS Feed

Creating a Schema

The LINQ Query

Office Open XML

Working With the XML Literal

Working With the XML Literal (continued)

Namespace Issues

The Packaging API

Adding Worksheet to Workbook

Finishing Up


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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting started with the Google data .NET client library

Source: YouTube

Free .NET tutorial videos (samples)

Source: HyperTeach

Among others, here are some sample videos that HyperTeach is giving for free:

Categorizing Languages
Scripting Languages
Visual Basic.Net Syntax/Keywords
Variables and Data Types
Using Variables
Build Solution
Working with String Variables
Working with Numbers
Data Type Conversion
Testing the Application
Visual Studio .Net Setting Default Values
Data Type Documentation
Operators and Expressions
Arithmetic Operations

To see these and other sample videos, follow this link.

Introduction to XML Literals with VB 2008


Another free video from View online

Linq to SQL workflow video tutorial


Another free video from View online

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to select DOC TYPES in DotNetNuke 4.4.x

Source: DNNCreative

Video Contents:
How to switch DOC TYPES in DNN 4.4
Viewing the current render mode
How to create a doctype.xml file
How DotNetNuke uses the doctype.xml file
Testing the new skin
Confirming standards compliance mode and quirks mode for the skins installed on the portal
Time Length: 8min 35secs

You can download the video from here (You have to register for free with DNNCreative first).

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